Lights. Camera. Fashion.

I am not sure what this event is, but several of the seniors in Chester County participated in an event called Lights. Camera. Fashion. They asked that I take some photos of them after the event. My understanding is there were several more involved, but here are five young ladies that came to the shoot. Lauren, Mia, Kendall, Scarlett, and Claire had a great time and were super sports to get out in some tall grass to take some great shots.

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Mallory and Chip Bradley

Once upon a time there was a couple that got married on a rainy day. They made no photos outside because it was pouring. They asked me if I would take some of them…four years after the ceremony…since they were never able to make outdoor photos in their wedding gown and suit. I was happy to oblige.

Mallory and Chip are madly in love and at the time of this posting have been married for almost 7 years. I have always wanted to post some from this shoot so today is the day. See, it is never too late to make that perfect picture. We also took some retro looking pics in front of wood paneling. Nothing says we are in love like wood paneling.

mallory13 mallory12

MalloryBradley16mallory15mallory11 mallory9 malllory8 mallory7 mallory6 mallory5 mallory3 mallory2 mallory1

Catherine and Cori

It’s been almost 10 years since I first met Catherine. I did her senior pictures and everything that followed. This was just another shoot in Catherine’s story which now includes her daughter Cori. I was so honored to be able to shoot them. They were so much fun. I also got to see some of the country side in Nashville as well as some new places downtown. I have never really notices some of the graffiti downtown but it was perfect for this mommy/daughter shoot. One wall is on 12th and the other is in northwest Nashville. We stopped by the road for a few by the river, stopped for a cupcake ATM, and went to some stables to see if we could get a few with a horse…and we did. Here are some of my favorites from the shoot. Hope you enjoy them.


CatherineCori1567e CatherineCori0676e CatherineCori0162e CatherineCori0144e CatherineCori0035e CatherineCori0752e CatherineCori1013e CatherineCori1089e CatherineCori1161e CatherineCori1201e CatherineCori1208e CatherineCori1215e CatherineCori1353e CatherineCori1449eCatherineCori0084e CatherineCori1462e CatherineCori1480e CatherineCori1490e CatherineCori1492e CatherineCori1519e CatherineCori1528e CatherineCori1536e CatherineCori1558e CatherineCori1598e CatherineCori1345e CatherineCori1602eCatherineCori1277e CatherineCori1369e

Throwback – Hannah Danner-Painter

One of my favorite shoots of all time was shot on a warm summer day in Nashville, TN with Hannah Danner-Painter. Hannah knows how to pose for the camera. Granted, she does have some modeling in her background, but her hair, her dress…everything was just perfect. I was so honored to get to shoot her. If you think these are good, wait until you see the post from her wedding. Spoiler alert, rowboats and caves.

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Shelby Hardy

The most perfect senior to ever photograph is Shelby Hardy. She cheers for Chester County High School and is obviously loved by all of her friends and people at school. Here are a few from her senior shoot.




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